A Little Different

Blue Tiger Coffee Service uses a special order and delivery process to bring fresh, locally roasted artisan coffee directly to your office.

Artisanal Roasters
Thousand lbs. of Coffee Delivered
Thousand Cups Per Week

See What Makes Blue Tiger Special

Blue Tiger’s delivery process and range of breakroom offerings is unique among office coffee and breakroom services. Check out our video for a quick look at what we do, or read on to find the breakroom delivery services you’re looking for.



What Makes Specialty 3rd Wave Coffee So Special?

We invite you to view “A Film About Coffee” to get a behind the scenes look at some of the world’s finest coffees. Learn why it’s worth bringing these amazing coffees into your breakroom. Purchase the full length film on Vimeo at 30% off using the code: BLUETIGERS. Already a Blue Tiger client? Get it for free! Ask your rep how.

Blue Tiger’s Coffee Service Process

Fresh, delicious and painless.


1. Rep Visit

Your friendly Blue Tiger rep visits your office every two weeks to assess your breakroom needs. They submit your order to the roaster electronically.


2. Roast to Order

Your coffee is freshly roasted by your favorite local roaster. It never sits in a warehouse, but goes directly from the roaster to you. How green is that?


3. Restock

Within two business days your freshly roasted coffee is delivered. While we’re there, we’ll restock the breakroom and clean the coffee equipment.


4. Repeat

In two weeks your rep visits again. You don’t have to call or run to the store. You can just sit back and enjoy your status as the new office hero.


All Your Favorite Roasters

In One Place

More Reasons to Love Blue Tiger

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We offer specialized coffee equipment preferred by our 3rd wave roasters; portion control grinders and bean to cup brewers for freshness, La Marzocco espresso machines and more.

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No Contracts

We don’t like contracts. We believe if we give you excellent service, you’ll like us. If you like us, you’ll keep us. No contracts should be needed.

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Complete Supplier

Blue Tiger is much more than office coffee! We can also supply cold brew, craft beer and wines (in select location), healthy and gluten free snack items and so much more.

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Be Green

Local roasters. Organic and “Direct Trade” coffees. A paperless ordering system. Discounted compostable products. We can help you go green.

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Sip of the Month

A program unique to Blue Tiger, we bring you a new coffee to try from a different roaster every month along with your regular coffee order.

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National & International

Blue Tiger operates in multiple cities in N. America and Europe with more locations on the way. Keep all of your offices uniform and treat them to premium break room service with an enterprise solution.

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