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Welcome To Blue Tiger Coffee Service

We specialize in bringing your office the freshest artisan coffee possible.

Blue Tiger’s Process

Fresh, delicious and painless.

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1. Rep Visit

Your friendly Blue Tiger rep visits your office every two weeks to assess your breakroom needs. They submit your order to the roaster electronically.


2. Roast to Order

Your coffee is freshly roasted by your favorite local roaster. It never sits in a warehouse, but goes directly from the roaster to you. How green is that?


3. Restock

Within two business days your freshly roasted coffee is delivered. While we’re there, we’ll restock the breakroom and clean the coffee equipment.


4. Repeat

In two weeks your rep visits again. You don’t have to call. You don’t have to run to the store. You can just sit back and enjoy your status as the new office hero.


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More Reasons to Love Blue Tiger

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Equipment Included

When possible, premium coffee equipment is free with your coffee service. Installation, delivery and maintenance is always included.

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No Contracts

We don’t like contracts. We believe if we give you excellent service, you’ll like us. If you like us, you’ll keep us. No contracts should be needed.

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Complete Supplier

From premium teas and bottled beverages to basics like paper towels and sugar. Let us do the shopping for you.

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Be Green

Local roasters. Organic and “Direct Trade” coffees. A paperless ordering system. Discounted compostable products. We can help you go green.

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Sip of the Month

A program unique to Blue Tiger, we bring you a new coffee to try from a different roaster every month along with your regular coffee order.

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Unique Products

Blue Tiger is much more than office coffee! We can also supply you with cold brew, fountain machines, a huge variety of healthy snack options and much more.

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All Your Favorite Roasters

In One Place

"Blue Tiger has always been wonderful to us."

− Inca

"Thank you for the coffee and I want to let you know that Isaac from Blue Tiger is very awesome!! I know I drive him nuts, but he always makes me laugh."

− Parsons Brinkerhoff

"Truthfully, things are going great... Wes has been wonderful and is very responsive..."

− Port of Portland

"We couldn’t do it without Blue Tiger! Not only do they pick up all the items and keep track of inventory but they also unload and stock my refrigerators and shelves. They have been a dream to work with..."

− Tableau

"We LOVE our coffee service! They take care of our inventory, service the machines and give our press pots an extra thorough scrub when they deliver our coffee."

− Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC
Artisanal Roasters
Thousand lbs. of Coffee Delivered
Thousand Cups Per Week