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Blue Tiger specializes in making your break room experience the perk your employees deserve. As die-hard coffee geeks, our specialty is local artisan coffees, but we also offer a wide range of beverage and snack options to make everyone in the office happy.


Step 1

Your friendly Blue Tiger rep visits your office regularly to assess your break room needs, then submits your coffee order to the roaster electronically.


Step 2

At just the right time, your coffee is freshly roasted by your favourite roaster. It never sits in a warehouse, but goes directly from the roaster to you.


Step 3

Your freshly roasted coffee is delivered right to you. While we’re there, we’ll restock the break room, tidy up, and clean the coffee equipment.

You sit back, relax and enjoy some well deserved kudos.

Getting started is easy! Just fill out our contact form with details about your office size and the services you’re interested in. We’ll then create a custom proposal for you with options and pricing specifically for your office.

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Need More Reasons to Choose Blue Tiger?

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Reason #1

Contracts Not Required

We don’t like contracts. In fact, we avoid them whenever possible. Why? Other services may use contracts to keep you, even when they let their standards slip. We’d rather have you stay with us because of our stellar service than because you’re chained to us.

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Reason #2

Clean Machines = Happy Office

Clean machines mean better tasting coffee and beverages and less maintenance down the road. So, we come in and clean the machines on a regular basis at no extra charge (and without having to be asked). It’s a win, win, win!

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Reason #3

We Help You Help Others

When it comes to your break room, there are lots of ways Blue Tiger can help you make a difference; working with local roasters and vendors, a special delivery system that reduces paper waste and vehicle emissions, composting programs and more.

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Reason #4

Tastier Beverages and Snacks

We like to offer you things we enjoy in our own break room. We’re coffee geeks, so that means you get fresh, artisan coffee brewed to coffee shop standards. It also means local beer, wine and cold brew (in kegs!), a top quality tea program and lots of healthy snacks.

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Reason #5

Free Office Coffee Tasting

Request a proposal and we’ll bring in a selection of coffees and snacks for you and your coworkers to try, on us! The whole office can vote on their favourites. We then take those results and help you choose the perfect break room selections for your office.

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Discover premium brewers, kegerators, beverage dispensers, coolers and more for your workplace.

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Where did the name Blue Tiger come from?

Good question! When thinking of a name for our coffee service we realized how many coffee services have the word “coffee” somewhere in their name. Our concept for a coffee service was new and different, so we wanted to stand out – like a blue tiger. After all, if you saw a blue tiger would you forget it?

We asked our friends what they thought of the name Blue Tiger. They liked it. So, now we call ourselves Blue Tiger, and we still actually really like it.

We’re a little different, unconventional even. We’re Blue Tiger.

Why aren’t there any prices on your website?

Because pricing is influenced by a wide range of factors – location, coffee selection, how much you buy – we’re not able to list generic prices on our website. However we can tell you that we often get our clients better coffee at similar or better prices than they were paying with other services.

What if I need daily service and more management?

No problem! We take care of clients with a wide range of needs. Our experienced crew is trained to manage large and/or busy facilities. If you know exactly what you want, we can take care of it for you. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you create a program that meet the needs of your workplace.

When filling out the online form tell us your desired frequency and level of management in the comment box. Choose “Enterprise” in the ‘number of employees’ field if you have branches in more than one location.

Do you serve offices with less than 25 employees?

The short answer – maybe. It all depends on the types and level of service you’re looking for. The best thing to do is to fill out the online request form and choose “Under 25” in the ‘how many employees field’ and we’ll contact you to see if Blue Tiger would be a good fit.

Even if we don’t turn out to be a good fit, we’ll happily give you suggestions on a solution for your office.

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