About Us

About Us

Once upon a time office coffee was a perk, a way to make the office more inviting. It was a win-win situation – employees got the pick me up they needed and employers saved the time employees were using to run out and grab a cup of joe.

Fast forward to 2007. Michael Klassen, a 3rd generation coffee connoisseur, took a good look at the office coffee industry and realized it had grown stale. Cheap coffee and subpar equipment had contributed greatly to the general opinion that office coffee equalled bad coffee.


Starting in the late 1960s Michael’s grandfather had developed several companies dealing with coffee roasting and office coffee service in Canada. This expertise had been passed down to his son, Terry, and his grandsons Michael and Brandon.

Klassens Talking 3

Terry, Brandon and Michael Klassen

Seattle View

Now in Seattle, they saw a city full of amazing roasters. What a shame to be surrounded by such excellent coffee and not be able to get it in the office. Michael decided it was time to shake things up. Working with Brandon and Terry, he asked “What kind of coffee would we want in our office?” The answer was simple:


  • The finest local roasters available.
  • Whole beans that are freshly ground at the time of brewing for optimum natural aroma.
  • The best in brewing equipment.
  • A personalized relationship with one point of contact.


So, they talked to the roasters. They talked about delivering coffee straight from the roaster to the office, and using roaster approved coffee equipment. The roasters loved it. Blue Tiger was born.

In 2008 Mike started from scratch, delivering coffee out of the back of an SUV. It turned out that offices loved the concept too. They could get freshly roasted coffees from their favourite local coffee shops delivered right to their office. And it tasted great! Suddenly office coffee was a perk again.


Since then Blue Tiger has evolved into something that’s much more than a coffee delivery service. Many roasters have jumped on board because they know their coffee will be enjoyed the way it was meant to be. We constantly evaluate our break room equipment to make sure we’re getting you the best brew possible. We fuse good old fashioned service with greener technology.


We still try to think of what we would want in our office, and we listen when our customers request something a little different. As a result we now offer premium teas, craft beer, cold brew and many custom break room services.


Blue Tiger is always growing and adapting. In 2016 we reworked our vision to focus on 6 channels of service – coffee and tea, healthy snacks, fresh produce, ready-to-drink and kegged beverages, equipment and technology. We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits this internal focus will bring – to our employees and to you!


Whatever changes, however, our fundamental principles stay the same – responsive service, a knowledgeable team and the highest quality products and equipment we can deliver.


A little different, a little unconventional. Blue Tiger.

Blue Tiger