Brew Bar

Brew Bar Program


Take a few minutes to lose yourself in the craft of brewing artisan coffee with Blue Tiger’s Brew Bar program. Designed to supplement our regular coffee service, the brew bar is a perfect little getaway for the coffee geek in everyone.

  • Includes a 5-piece set of brewing equipment, stylishly displayed on a wooden tray.
  • Brew your favourite coffee in a Chemex, Kalita or French Press.
  • Experience the flavour, aroma and body differences of varied brewing methods.
  • Discover new favourites as you sample small batches of rare, single-origin coffees.
  • Not so sure about weights, measurements and timing? No worries, we’ve partnered with our roasters to provide brewing seminars and step-by-step instruction cards.

Whether you are a brewing pro or a newbie, our brew bar lets you geek out with the best of them.

Brew Bar

The Stars of the Brew Bar

French Press Star

The French Press

Employing a submerged extraction method, the French Press produces a bold, full-bodied brew rich with natural oils.

Chemex Star

The Chemex

The weapon of choice for most coffee geeks, the Chemex employs a pour over method and specific ratios to create a clean, clear brew.

Kalita Wave Star

The Kalita Wave

A pour over for those who want to make a single cup of coffee, the Kalita also produces a clean, clear brew perfect for single origins.

Kettle, Scale and Grinder

Supporting Roles

No brew bar would be complete without an electric kettle, scale & precision burr grinder. These quality pieces are used in our own break room.

Brew Bar Single Origin Coffees

A Low Risk, Low Cost Way to Try Some of the Finest Coffees Around

Your Blue Tiger rep will keep your brew bar stocked with an ever-changing featured selection chosen by our coffee experts. These special coffees offer unique flavours and unique stories.

  • Bring exciting single origins and seasonal offerings to the office.
  • Try limited release coffees from some of our best roasters.
  • Allows your office coffee geeks to indulge in some of the finest coffees without breaking the bank.

Brew Bar Instruction Cards

A set of brew bar instruction cards is included in each kit.

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