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Go Green In Your Office

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Use a Greener Break Room Service

Hunting for ways of going green in the workplace? One of the best places to start is your break room or coffee service. Blue Tiger helps you go green by being a greener service.

  • Providing freshly roasted coffee from local artisans drastically reduces the environmental impact of transporting your coffee.
  • The majority of coffees we offer are purchased via Direct or Fair Trade from growers who must follow regulated standards for environmental sustainability.
  • We’ve lowered our profit margin on all our Green products in an effort to make them more affordable to you.
  • Using tablets with software designed exclusively for Blue Tiger enables us to handle everything from orders to administration, electronically. This means a significant reduction in paper waste.

Green Initiatives Sales Rep
Compostable Supplies, Pods, Kegerator

Choose Green Products

Choosing the right products can make a big difference in reducing your office’s impact on the environment. We use the green products we offer in our own offices, and are always on the lookout for good quality, environmentally friendly products to pass on to our clients.

  • Choose compostable paper and plastic products. We provide our quality compostable products at a discount, so they won’t cost you more than their less green counterparts.
  • Choose the right coffee machine. The waste produced by our coffee machines is 100% compostable.
  • Coffee pods are a greener, completely compostable alternative to the usual single serve coffee options. Blue Tiger carries and promotes a range of high quality pod machines.
  • Kegerators aren’t just the hottest new workplace perk, they also help your office save bottle waste. Bonus: kegs are often more cost effective too!

Get to a Deeper Green

While not generally included in our regular service, Blue Tiger can make it easier for you to get the following greener initiatives going in your workplace:

  • Compost service – Composting can save a huge amount of break room waste from the landfills. We can help you connect with the top composting service in your area to make office composting as painless as possible.
  • Replace disposable cups with reusables – Give your employees reusable drinkware and save all that plastic and paper from having to be recycled or composted in the first place. Ask your Blue Tiger rep about our ceramic tumbler promo.

Compost and Reusable Cups

Coming Soon – Green Tiger!

In the very near future, Blue Tiger will be taking its green initiatives one step further by offering Green Tiger – a new way to make a difference in a developing country.

Imagine being able to drink coffee from your very own coffee plants, watch them grow and make a direct difference in the lives of the farmers growing them! That’s the idea behind Green Tiger. Stay tuned, more details soon to come.

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