Kegerator Program

Kegerator Program

Level Up Your Workplace Experience with an Enticing Array of Artisan Brews on Tap

Blue Tiger’s kegerator program combines commercial grade equipment with a tempting variety of small batch brewed beverages brought to you by our expert crew. Imagine:

  • A rotating selection of fresh, artisan brewed beverages…
  • Served at the perfect temperature…
  • With hardly any effort on your part…
  • At a great value to your company.

Does that sound like the perfect icing to your workplace cake?

Employee Filling Glass At Kegerator

Did You Know?

Kegged beverages taste fresher, are better for the environment (think of all those bottles saved), and a great value over their bottled counterparts.

Cleaning Kegerator

How Does It Work?

We do our best to keep things as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

  • Our experts will install, maintain and keep your kegerator stocked.
  • Your Blue Tiger rep will select a delicious assortment of beverages for your team, with as little or as much input as you’d like to give, and keep it fresh and exciting as new artisan brews become available.

The bottom line? Blue Tiger’s kegerator program is an easy way to take your employee’s workplace experience to the next level.

Choose from a Slew of Brews

Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew



Iced Tea Close Up

Iced Tea

Ginger Ale Close Up

Ginger Beer

Matcha Close Up

Matcha Tea

Kombucha Close Up


Commercial Grade Kegerators

Our commercial grade kegerators have been carefully selected to endure the rigors of a busy workspace.

  • Multiple taps allow you to serve up to three beverages out of one unit.
  • We’ve chosen to use only high-quality stainless steel kegerator accessories, to hold up to the acidity of cold brew coffee. This ensures that your equipment will last longer, and your beverages will continue to taste fresh and delicious.

Check out the specs on our high quality kegerators.

Beverage Air Kegerator
Beverage Air Inside

Want to level up your workplace with a kegerator?

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