Snack Racks

Custom Snack Racks

House Your Snacks in Style

There’s no need to pack out your cupboard or counter space with snacks for the team. Save your cupboard space and your time, and upgrade your offerings in the process, with Blue Tiger’s custom snack rack solutions. We’ll install custom snack racks chosen to fit your space perfectly, then we’ll keep them stocked with healthy, delicious options the whole team will enjoy.

  • Our snack racks feature smooth edges & clean, minimal designs.
  • Blue Tiger labeling makes everything look neat and consistent.
  • Our expert stockers are trained to keep snacks organized and looking their best – there’s no need to waste your team’s valuable time in managing snacks.
  • Snack racks work for healthy, fresh foods as well as pre-packaged favourites.
  • Free with Blue Tiger’s snack service!


Think a snack program is too expensive for your team? You may be surprised.

We have options to fit most budgets.

Single Unit
Single Unit
Snack Rack Double Unit
Snack Rack Double Unit
Single Drawers
Single Drawers

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