Top Brewer

The Future of Workplace Coffee is Here

Imagine walking into your break room, pulling out your phone and ordering your favorite espresso beverage at the touch of a button. You place a cup under a sleek looking faucet, and before you know it you're enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, customized for you.

Top Brewer, the ultimate workplace beverage machine, has hit the United States. Blue Tiger is proud to be a certified Top Brewer partner, bringing the next level in coffee experience to forward thinking workplaces.



Sleek, clean, cutting-edge
Espresso in 25 sec, filtered coffee in 15 sec 

Discover the next level in your workplace coffee experience.

Top Brewer Machine
Top Brewer Water

The Brewer

Get all the perks of having a barista in your workplace, without the cost of hiring one. The Top Brewer produces perfect espresso beverages every time, as well as a variety of other drinks.

  1. Creates true espresso consistently, 9 bars of pump pressure
  2. Capable of 2 drinks per minute, flash boilers = no recovery time
  3. Head swivels and moves up and down to accommodate a variety of cup heights
  4. Connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, no wifi needed
  5. Power saving standby mode - uses 90% less energy than most brewers in standby mode
  6. Sleek, clean, appearance - no messy machines on the counter
  7. Uses fresh, refrigerated milk or milk alternatives (not powder) - offer dairy and almond or soy milk from one machine
  8. Dispenses a variety of beverages including: espresso beverages, filtered still and sparkling water, brewed coffee beverages, beverages with hot or cold milk foam, and more!


Above counter: H: 338mm D: 242mm W: 160mm

Total: H: 656mm D: 550mm W: 220mm

240V, 13A



TopBrewer Spec Sheet

TopBrewer Spec Sheet

Pre-Installation Guide

Pre-Installation Guide

TopBrewer Brochure

TopBrewer Brochure

TopBrewer Installation Lookbook

TopBrewer Installation Lookbook


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  • Top Brewer Configuration 1
  • Top Brewer Configuration 2
  • Top Brewer Configuration 3
  • Top Brewer Pro
  • Top Brewer Pro Compact
  • Fridge and Chilled Water Cooler
  • Fridge and Sparkling Water Cooler Combo
  • Multi Milk Pro Fridge
  • Chilled Water Cooler
  • Sparkling Water Cooler
  • Chocolate and Juice Rack
  • IPad Holder
  • Anti Theft Bracket
  • Active Ventilation Kit

The Coffee

Third Wave Roasted Coffees

The Top Brewer uses coffees specially selected to ensure the best possible taste. Roasted by one of Blue Tiger's own artisan roasters, these coffees offer consistent excellence.


Delicious Beverages

Top Brewer uses top quality ingredients to provide a wide range of beverages in one machine. From macchiatos to mochas with cold foam, carbonated water to juice, there's something for everyone.


The App

Perfect workplace coffee? Now there's an app for that too.

  • Let employees order beverages via a device at the station, or via their own devices.
  • Customize your beverage to your heart's content. Adjust  how much milk or chocolate is added, number of shots, hot or cold foam and much more.
  • Save your favorite drink, have it anywhere there's a Top Brewer. It's like having a friendly barista in your phone.
  • Available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Android devices.

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Top Brewer App Phone


Your company coffee stats at a glance


TopBrewer uses innovative technology to keep things running smoothly.

We monitor things remotely, using the data to check for issues and order predictively.

Stats at a glance. Reports give you the ability to analyze workplace consumption.

CoffeeCloud is secure and uses the latest encryption and certification standards.

Push updates, send alerts. We keep the machine software updated by means of the CoffeeCloud. If you desire, we can even send alerts to users via the app on their devices.

Ready to bring the future of coffee to your workplace?

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