Cold Brew Coffee

What is Cold Brewed Coffee?

This is not just your favorite brew over ice. Cold brewing is a special brewing process that doesn’t use heat. Instead, coarsely ground beans are soaked in cool water for 12 hours or more. The result is a unique coffee experience.

  • No hot water means a less acidic taste, more sweet flavors.
  • The flavor profile of cold brew is totally different, even your favorite coffee will taste completely different when cold brewed.
  • Cold brew is super versatile - use it to create all kinds of delicious coffee beverages and cocktails.

If you like coffee, you’ll love cold brew.

Cold Brew Cascading

Get Your Brew in Bottles,
Astrapouches, or On Tap

SOS Cold Brew Bottles Classic Kona Bold

SOS Cold Brew

SOS Logo

Blue Tiger is proud to feature SOS Cold Brew. SOS has painstakingly developed a formula that produces larger volumes of cold brew while offering the same quality as the cold brew you’ll find in an artisan, small batch shop. Carefully selected coffees are ground and soaked for 12-18 hours. This has been a labor of love and we really hope that if you try it you’ll love it too.

Try SOS bottled, in Astrapouches or on tap. On tap flavors are also available as delicious, creamy, how-is-there-no-milk-in-this nitro cold brew!

  • Delicious straight from the bottle, doesn't need to be cut with water or milk like other bottled cold brews
  • Only 3 calories per bottle

Bottled Flavors:

  • Classic
  • Bold
  • Kona Blend

Astrapouch Flavors:

  • Classic
  • Bold
  • Kona Blend


On Tap Flavors:

  • Classic
  • Nitro
  • Bold
  • Bold Nitro
  • Kona
  • Kona Nitro

More coming soon!

We Also Offer Cold Brew From These Local Roasters

If one of our roasters offers cold brew, we're happy to bring it you. Ask you rep which cold brew options are available in your area.

Chameleon Cold Brew
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Stumptown Logo - Cold Brew Coffee
Cartel Coffee Lab Logo
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Klatch Coffee Logo

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