Snacks and Fresh Fruit

At Blue Tiger Coffee having plenty of healthy options is incredibly important to us. We put a great deal of time and effort into sourcing the best and most delicious health conscience options available. Provide healthy, fresh snack options as well as pre-packaged favorites. We can deliver snacks and beverages that are American Heart Association approved.

Upgrade Your Snack Situation

One of the undisputed top workplace perks, providing food is a big way to win over employees and recruits alike. The way you provide those snacks also makes a big difference. Do you regularly haul in boxes of snacks from the local warehouse chain? If so, it's time for an upgrade! Treat your hardworking team, and your hardworking self, to snacks and fresh food regularly stocked by Blue Tiger.

  • Food allergies or intolerances? No problem, we have a wide selection of allergy and intolerance friendly foods. And we're always on the lookout for tasty new options to pass on to you.
  • Provide healthy, fresh snack options as well as pre-packaged favorites.
  • Lots to choose from. Is there a product your team can’t live without? Chances are, if we don’t already offer it we can get it for you.
  • Enhance your workplace experience - simplify your workload. Besides being efficient and worry free, our service will keep things interesting by introducing you to delicious new products, giving your team just one more thing to look forward to at work.
Employee with Snacks In Office

Do you want your employees to work or… to manage the snack area?

Put your snack program on auto-pilot and let us handle the details.

Blue Tiger Employee Stocking Snacks

How Does it Work?

Our snack program has been developed over years of listening to offices just like yours. The result is a program designed to save you time and keep your team happy.
Here are the basics:

  1. Your Blue Tiger rep works with you to put together a custom snack program that is just right for your team.
  2. We install snack racks specially chosen to fit your space.
  3. Our expert stockers regularly stock and keep your snacks and fresh foods organized and looking their best.
  4. Your rep monitors your stock and adjusts your order to fit what is being used and what you like to provide.

Want delicious, healthy snacks for your team?

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