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Blue Tiger Careers

We are looking for someone who can deliver an excellent experience for our clients!

Blue Tiger is looking for a higher calibre professional with the skills and work experience that can contribute to our continued success and amazing growth. We need team members who support our philosophies and share similar beliefs and values.

Inspire the Team

We motivate each other. We find solutions with each other. We are energetic in all that we do at Blue Tiger Coffee.

Adapt and Grow

We embrace change. We help each other to adapt to change. We look for ways to improve.

Empower Others

We mentor our team members. We trust our team. We cultivate teamwork.

Show Respect and Humility

We assume positive intent. We generate positivity. We ask for help.

Enjoy Your Workplace

Learn About Coffee

 What Else?

This team member must also be able to rock a cool but professional look & demeanour. They're personable, adept at technology, a quick thinker and love going the extra mile while paying attention to the details!

We aren't looking for just any professional who wants a salary. We need someone who views each client's office kitchen as their own. Someone who can strategise, develop and implement our innovative workplace experience programmes while influencing and inspiring internal and external leaders, clients and employees.

Sound like you?

Blue Tiger Coffee Service posts all of our currently available positions at Please click the link below to see our current openings and to apply.