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Drink the Finest Speciality Roasted Coffees, Right There in Your Workplace

Blue Tiger's roasters are artisans, carefully crafting some of the best tasting coffees out there.

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What is an Artisan Roaster?

Think freshly baked artisan bread from a small bakery versus the packaged stuff from a megamart.

Artisan roasters work with smaller batches of coffee beans, allowing them to be more selective about where their beans come from. They can also roast each batch to a level that perfectly brings out the flavours unique to each coffee variety, and even each farm.

Whether large or small, local or national, Blue Tiger’s speciality roasters share a few key characteristics. Our roasters:

  • Have a national reputation for attention to detail in each cup they produce
  • Educate consumers (including Blue Tiger’s consultants) on coffee growing, roasting and taste
  • Have years of expertise and history
  • Were first to build relationships with farmers and work with them on growing practices to produce better coffee
  • Lead the pack with new coffee trends & products (like small-batch cold brew)

Blue Tiger enjoys a unique relationship with these roasters. By promising to follow the same QC practices they use in their own cafes, we were allowed to bring their coffees to offices before anyone else. Today we feel privileged to work with the pioneers of the speciality coffee world - and bring their amazing coffees to you.

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