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Cold Brew Coffee

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

This is not just your favourite brew over ice. Cold brewing is a special brewing process that doesn’t use heat. Instead, coarsely ground beans are soaked in cool water for 12 hours or more. The result is a unique coffee experience.

  • No hot water means a less acidic taste, more sweet flavours.
  • The flavour profile of cold brew is totally different, even your favourite coffee will taste completely different when cold brewed.
  • Cold brew is super versatile - use it to create all kinds of delicious coffee beverages and cocktails.

If you like coffee, you’ll love cold brew.

Cold Brew Cascading

Get Your Cold Brew in Bottles
or On Tap


Sandows Cold Brew


Described as "the king of cold brew" (Stylist) and “at the vanguard of the cold brew craze" (GQ), London-based Sandows has been making cold brew since 2014 and is at the forefront of the thriving ready-to-drink coffee category in the UK. Sandows is named after iconic Victorian strongman Eugen Sandow, renowned for his meticulous training methods. The barbells in their distinctive branding serve as a metaphor for the time and effort put in to making the best tasting cold brew out there.
In addition to their bottled cold brew, Sandows also offer Nitro cold brew on draught - cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, which alters the texture of the cold brew to make it creamy and silky like a Guinness. 
Sandows cold brew is your caffeine companion for a long workday. It's the same kind of coffee you get in good coffee shops, but in the convenience of your workplace. 

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