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Blue Tiger's Tea Programme

Because We Understand That Coffee Isn't Everyone's Cup of Tea...

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet (after water). With all those tea drinkers out there we know there’s bound to be a few on your team.

Just for them we've developed a tea programme that features a variety of organic and speciality teas, vetted by our very own office tea drinkers.

Tea in Office
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Loose Leaf Tea Programme

Think high quality, loose leaf tea is too cumbersome for the workplace? Not anymore. We provide a scoop and individual, easy-to-fill filter bags to make things quick and easy. A wood display allows you to stock a variety of teas at once, with instructions on each refillable canister on how to brew the perfect cup. Blue Tiger's range of tasty tisanes and black, white and green teas will be sure to please every tea aficionado on your team.

  • A Blue Tiger rep will check your supply on their regular visits, to ensure you don't run out.
  • With a wide range of teas available, it's easy to keep a few office standards in stock as well as a rotating selection of new teas to try.
  • Employees can combine teas to create their own unique, single-cup blend.

Enjoy a flavourful variety of black, green, white, red and herbal teas.

Teaja Breakfast


Teaja Simply Green


Teaja House of Bourbon


Teaja After Ate


Teaja Nanas


Premium Teas

If our loose leaf tea programme isn't the right fit for your office, Blue Tiger also offers a wide selection of premium and standard bagged teas. Ask your Blue Tiger rep for a list of our current offerings.


Joe's Tea Co


Want award winning tea at your workplace?

Contact us for a free sample.