A great team deserves great equipment.

And you deserve equipment that holds up under the wear and tear of a busy workplace without breaking down. Blue Tiger has carefully selected equipment that holds up under heavy use.

Our coffee equipment is also carefully selected to create a quality brew that tastes amazing, and honors the hard work of our roasters.

This looks great, but what about maintenance?

We hear ya! Great equipment can still produce a terrible product if the equipment isn't well maintained. That's why regularly scheduled maintenance, cleaning and repair is included with all of our equipment!

  • Regular maintenance without having to ask.
  • Each time we make a delivery we clean the machines.
  • Blue Tiger's established maintenance program ensures less service calls.
  • If there is an issue, you can expect a response within an hour.

It's just one more way we save you valuable time and make your workplace experience better.

Coffee Equipment Maintenance

Want high-end equipment with maintenance built in?

Contact us for a demo.