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Coffee Brewers & Break Room Equipment

A great team deserves great equipment.

And you deserve equipment that holds up under the wear and tear of a busy workplace without breaking down. Blue Tiger has carefully selected equipment that holds up under heavy use.

Our coffee equipment is also carefully selected to create a quality brew that tastes amazing, and honors the hard work of our roasters.

Brewer/Grinder Combo
Bean to Cup Machines
Espresso Machines
Cold Beverage Coolers
Pod Brewers
Water & Ice Purifiers/Dispensers

The Future of Workplace Coffee is Here

Blue Tiger, a certified TopBrewer partner, is bringing the next level in coffee experience to forward thinking workplaces. TopBrewer offers sleek, european design, amazing beverage quality and an app controlled interface.

  • Serve employees and guests true espresso beverages, sparkling water, juice and more
  • Sleek, clean looking tap dispenses beverages – the bulk of the machine lives below the counter
  • App controlled interface – choose your beverage from your device and save your favorite for easy access later

Visit the TopBrewer page to learn more.

TopBrewer Workplace Installation

Top Brewer Machine

Amazing Beverage Tech

Serves True Espresso

Top Brewer App Phone

App Controlled Interface

Be sure to check out our Kegerators and Espresso Machines.

Brewer/Grinder Combo

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Bean to Cup Machines

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Espresso Machines

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Cold Beverage Coolers

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Pod Brewers

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Water & Ice Purifiers/Dispensers

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This looks great, but what about maintenance?

We hear ya! Great equipment can still produce a terrible product if the equipment isn’t well maintained. That’s why regularly scheduled maintenance, cleaning and repair is included with all of our equipment!

  • Regular maintenance without having to ask.
  • Each time we make a delivery we clean the machines.
  • Blue Tiger’s established maintenance program ensures less service calls.
  • If there is an issue, you can expect a response within an hour.

It’s just one more way we save you valuable time and make your workplace experience better.

Coffee Equipment Maintenance

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